Home Remedies For Razor Bumps And Dark Spots – Tips & Tricks To Follow!

We all know that shaving could be very terrible sometimes and this is something we all face from time to time. People with sensitive skin and who shaves regularly knows the frustrations caused by razor bump. In Fact, 3 in 5 people considered to have very sensitive skin which means shaving could be a disaster of razor burns.

Home Remedies For Razor Bumps And Dark Spots

Today we are going to save your skin from razor bumps and help you to achieve a comfortable invitation free shave. And we are going through its causes and how to prevent them with good habits when combined with home remedies.

Home Remedies For Razor Bumps And Dark Spots

What Are The Causes of Razor Bumps?

Razor burp immediately occurs after a shave especially when you have very sensitive skin. It can be extremely itchy, painful and cause extreme discomfort. Razor burns are caused by the friction and the ingrown hair in our body. Ingrown hair causes the hair to grow inside instead of out. The ingrown hair can appear like red bump which would destroy the fresh look of your shaven face.

Tips to Prevent Razor Bumps

First things first on how to prevent razor bumps on face.

Hydrate your skin: Always wash your face with warm water and hydrate the skin. Make this as a habit always before you grab the razor in your hand. You need to adopt the best way to shave in order to save your skin.

Exfoliate your skin: This is the gem on how to prevent razor bumps on the face. Never forget to exfoliate your skin using a mild gel which will help you to get rid of ingrown hair. This prevents red bumps and heals razor burns fast.

Use a good shaving gel before you start: Shaving with dry skin can be very terrible. This can pop out razor bump immediately. So always make sure to use the best shaving cream to make your skin soft for a smooth shave and this is the best way to shave.

Check the blades before you start: Make sure that your blade is fresh and rust-free is a must. It should be taken seriously when you think about how to get rid of it down there. When you shave, the friction between the skin and hair pushes it sideways. When the friction is too high, it causes the skin to struggle and ends with razor bumps. Take a look at your blades before you start which is the best way to shave.

Use a good shaving gel before you start

How long does it usually take for Razor Bumps to go away?

No matter how careful you are, there is always a risk for razor burns. Razor bumps should go with time. But how long does the razor bump last? Maybe in a week or two. Razor bumps can be treated very easily. Laser hair removal is one of the best razor bump treatment to get rid of hair for a very long time. The places you shave more often can be the source of hair bumps. Through the laser hair removal program, you can get rid of this hair for a very long time, which means no razor more bumps and razor burns.

Do Razor Bumps go away?

Let us see how to get rid of razor bumps overnight. It is not as difficult as it seems to get rid of razor bumps. Here are some gems that can revive you from Razor bumps overnight and heal razor burn fast.

  • Steam: Yes, you heard it right. Steaming over the area where you feel uncomfortable and surrounded with a razor can erase it overnight. Apply 5 to 10 minutes of steam over the area can help you to get rid of it. This will help you to shrink the bump and kill the bacteria’s in it keeping your skin healthy and clear.
  • Tea tree oil for razor bumps: Tea tree oil can help you to eliminate bacteria and calm down your infection. The oil is an antibiotic and has the healing properties to heal the inflammation. Always dab the skin with oil after a shave to destroy all the bacteria and to smoothen your skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar for razor bumps: Just like tea tree oil, razor bumps can be easily treated with apple cider vinegar due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It will help you to prevent the bump and itch which will keep the skin healthy. The apple cider vinegar can prevent infection and inflammatory.
  • Aloe Vera: This is a very old but still astonishing method to treat razor bumps. Aloe Vera has the property to calm down the irritated and itching skin and being used for years. You can instantly use aloe Vera aftershave to get rid of the irritating pop. You can buy Aloe Vera gel as well but make sure the quality of the product is extremely good, if not it can make it worse.

razor bumps

Are Razor Bumps a Turnoff?

It would be a complete turnoff if you don’t start taking care of it. Especially when it is an ingrown hair. They make you super conscious especially right after you shave. Don’t worry about it, there is plenty of treatment that can help you to get rid of it. But prevention is better than cure. Always be careful before you take the razor and after you use the razor. Follow healthy razor habits.

Remedies for Razor Bumps and Dark Spots

  • Underarm razor burn remedy: Natural oil are the best source to fight inflammatory. Olive oil is one of the best tools and remedies when it comes to underarm burn. The vitamin E in olive oil is antibacterial which has great properties and has been used for various skin diseases.

To use: Apply the oil in a cotton pad and use twice a day to get rid of razor burn.

  • How to get rid of razor burn on the neck: Cucumber mask! Cucumbers are fully loaded with skin-friendly vitamin E and potassium. It is an excellent hydration and a cleanser tool as well. Place the cucumber on the razor bumps to make it soft and healthy inflation.
  • How to get rid of razor burn on vag: Ouch! That burns! Especially when on a bikini beach day. If your skin is sensitive, that would be the most terrible time you would ever pass by. Before you start, always use a clean razor. Here is a super trick that can help you well. Deodorant is the key. Make sure you put some deodorant after shaving the area. This will prevent razor burn.

after shave wash

The Bottom Bed

There are thousands of skin care products available but the best way of treatment is self-treatment to prevent the occurrence of razor bump every time. Improving shaving techniques will help you to keep your skin healthy and clear.

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