How To Tighten Sagging Skin On Face ? Try These Tips Today!

Do you think looking at ones hand can help you to figure their age?? No, take a look at your neck that has answers to all including your lifestyle and age.  After a weight loss program or a pregnancy, it will result in Sagging skin. This happens when your body burns more calories or fat than usual. The elastic tissue over the skin burns its fat which ends up in sagging skin or stretched out skin. Sagging skin does not have any matter underneath. Therefore it will require some time to get adopted to the new changes, that’s how we gain back in shape. This can also occur due to your aging process. Sagging skin can occur with everyone and any time.

Best Ways To Tighten Sagging Skin On Face

Sagging skin on the face is the most annoying part. It can tell your age and even your lifestyle. It is very important to take care of your skin and to keep it healthy. The excess skin is one of the most difficult ones to fix. Everyone go for removal of excess skin through surgery but we definitely have other ways to get it done. And it doesn’t require any surgery or effort. We can get rid of sagging skin easily, you just need a kitchen to get this done. Don’t worry. I’m going to help you with do and don’ts to get rid of sagging skin. And I’m going to help you with the natural remedies to kill sagging skin and achieve a smooth shaped skin. Our face and neck have the easiest skin to be fixed. Let us check how this can be done.

skin sagging

Firstly, let us discuss the tips and tricks to get rid of sagging skin. Later I’m going to help you with the natural remedies to get rid of it.

Tips and Tricks to get rid of Sagging Skin

  • Drink More Water

drink more water

Yes! You need more water to tighten the skin. Many people try water fasting to get rid of their weight, for detoxing their body or even for health benefits. But water fasting is not a healthy way to lose weight. Make sure that you drink ample amount of water. Make sure that you at least 14 glasses of water a day. This helps your skin to be healthy. If you have healthy skin, the faster the skin tightens. Water keeps your skin hydrated which stops aging your skin. Water also makes your skin smooth and soft.

  • Start Loving Raw Food

raw food

Have you heard about collagen? Collagen is a protein that is responsible for strengthening and tightening our skin. It is responsible for the smoothness and softness of the skin which keeps your skin away from wrinkles. More of vitamin and minerals intake can produce more collagen. Even fish helps in skin tightening. Vitamin supplements or anti-aging vitamins can help in skin tightening and keeps your face away from wrinkles.  Vitamins and minerals are essential to keep the skin fresh and smooth. Make sure that consume ample amount of required vitamins for your body like vitamin A, B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin k.

  • Treat Yourself with Massage

massaging skin

Yes, hit a massage bed. They not only help you to reduce stress, but it also helps you to increase blood circulation as well. This can benefit your skin and your health as well. Makes sure you massage with oil that contains essential nutrients and minerals for your skin. This can help you to tighten the skin faster than any other ways. Make sure that massage your face at least 5-10 minutes a day. This can help you regulate the radiance of the skin and help you to whiten the skin. This makes the skin healthy which results in tightening of the skin.

  • No more Sunlight


Yes, the sun is the main cause of the aging of our skin. The UV rays from the sun can damage our cells, increase the wrinkles and reduce skin elasticity. How you look completely depends on the amount of exposure of your skin with the sun rays. Sun can cause tanning of our skin, eye inflammation,

Damage our skin cells and can even cause skin cancer.  The Sun is the main reason to reduce the elasticity of our skin which ends up in sagging of skin and looks aged. It’s true that the sun damages your skin more than any other factors. If you don’t want to age your charm and skin, make sure that you stay away from sunlight. And do apply SPF or sunscreen every time you step out to the sun.

  • Increase Vitamin C Intake

vitamin c intake

Vitamin C is very important for our skin. It is an antioxidant and boosts the production of collagen which is responsible to maintain skin elasticity. The best source of vitamin c is from fruits and vegetables. Intake of citrus fruits can increase your RDA. Our body doesn’t store vitamin C. The excess is excreted out every day. So it is really important to have citrus fruits every day in order to maintain the vitamin C level in our body.  Vitamin c helps in the growth of new cells which can tighten the skin. Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen which helps to heal cuts and wounds. It also helps to maintain healthy gums, muscles, blood vessels, and bones. Make sure that you take enough vitamin c through citrus fruits and vegetables every day.

  • Stop skipping your meals

skipping your meals

It’s obvious that the busy work life can result in skipping meals but this can boost your aging process as well. If you skip your meals, that can result in a deficiency of essential nutrients for your skin to stay healthy. If the skin is not healthy, it can result in sagging of skin. Skipping breakfast and lunch can directly impact the factors of the aging process and your skin health.  We have heard everywhere that skipping meals is the worst thing we can do for our body. Make sure that you eat food at proper timing. If you do so, your skin and body will thank you and will keep you fresh.

  • More Sleep

more sleep

You heard it right. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. It’s true that our night becomes the usual work hours for most of us. But liming your sleep can affect your aging process. Make sure you have an ample amount of sleep every day to tighten your skin and stay healthy. Healthy skin is the secret of a healthy lifestyle.  Why sleep is that important? During the night, our body repairs the skin cells and rejuvenate itself. Adding to this make sure that you sleep straight away from your face. This helps you to stay away from folding of skin which helps you from wrinkles.

  • Say no to Alcohol and Cigarettes

no to alcohol

Coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes can affect your health and skin badly more than you can ever think of. They are water absorbent which keeps drying up your skin. When your skin is dried, that kills your skin. You will end up looking ages and tanned. Make sure you keep your hands away from all these three. Give yourself some love by avoiding all this.

Natural Remedies to get rid of the Sagging of Skin

  • Rosewater

rose water

Ever wondered why people talk about rose water a lot? Rosewater has many benefits from tightening of skin to the whitening of the skin. Here are some benefits of rose water:

  •         It helps to control excess oil.
  •         Its helps to maintain the skin ph.
  •         It has antibacterial properties to keep your skin healthy.
  •         Its helps you to have quality sleep (spray rose water on the pillow before sleep)

The best way to use rosewater is to get a spray bottle and fill it with rose water. Spray it anytime you need but make sure to spray it before you go to sleep for healthy skin and wrinkle-free and saggy skin.

  • Cucumber


Ever wondered why cucumber is used widely in spas? Cucumber contains a high amount of moisture. This keeps the skin healthy and tightens the skin. Blend cucumber and apply it in the areas of loose skin and wait till it dry. Now wash the area with cold water to tighten the skin. Repeat every day at least once. Take some pieces of cucumber and rub in on your face for 15 minutes. Try this at least before you go to bed.

  • Lemon



Lemon is known for skin tighter and skin lightener. It has more amount of vitamin c which helps to produce collagen which in turn helps to tighten the skin. This can also improve the texture of your skin. Try to massage your face for 5 minutes every day with lemon to tighten your skin.

  • Honey


Honey is the most effective remedy that can be used for tightening the skin. Honey has many uses. It can clean our lungs. Honey can be called as an anti-aging cream.  Apply honey with lemon and massage for 15 minutes. And then rinse with water. This can help you to tighten the skin. Do this thrice in a week to have healthy skin.

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