How To Distribute Leads Fairly? 4 Step Strategy For A Lead Distribution!

It’s really hard to get honest customers these days. People that regularly buy your product/services are very much less in number compared to the high number that comes to see your product/services. This is the very reason why companies have lead conversion ratios in single digits. According to google analytics, most of the companies that are having at least a decent amount of sales each day have around 8-10% of the lead conversion ratio. Which basically means, if 100 people come to visit your website, then only 8-10 people buy your services. You might consider these numbers as very less but believe me, these double-digit targets are a dream for many people.

How To Distribute Leads Fairly?

You can easily guess how hard it is to find customers nowadays; therefore, it becomes very much necessary to track your leads. You don’t want to lose a customer because if you do this continuously for a period of time, your lead conversion ratio may fall below so much that your business will come to a closing point. So, how exactly do you manage the lead distribution? What are the benefits of lead distribution? And how to form a perfect lead distribution strategy to get the best from your sales team?

How To Distribute Leads

Lead distribution?

According to Lead Conversion Squared review, Lead distribution is not just attending the incoming leads via various sales reps. It includes the assignment of every possible lead to a particular sales rep who has the maximum probability to convert that lead to a customer. The assignment is very much important because we know that not every person is the same. Everyone has different ideas, choices, goals. So, by analyzing each and every sales rep you have, you need to carefully assign them to each lead according to their experiences and abilities. To get the best results, you have to give a perfect role for every sales rep.

The perfect 4 step strategy for a lead distribution

Step 1: Try to capture every lead

If your sales team is not attentive and sloppy, you will lose out on almost a ton of money. So make sure you have a well professional sales team. Why is the sales team required to be professional, because leads can very easily get lost among the large email chains and spreadsheets? You can’t afford to lose even 1 lead. So make use of Softwares and other tools. They will not only help you keep track of every lead, but also alert for every new possible lead.

Step 2: Filter the quality of leads

It is quite evident that not all leads will have the same weightage. Below are the few factors that will help you filter quality leads:

  • Their business needs or order
  • Budget
  • Age group
  • Business location and size
  • Deadline of the order
  • Possible alternate solutions to their problem

Step 3: Assign the reps

Once you are done with the prioritizing, now all you need to do is send these high quality leads to your sales team rep. The most important thing in this step is to assign each rep with the lead of his style. So, make your decisions wisely.

The following are the various factors based on which you can assign your leads:-

  • Their location: Different people will have different ideologies, thinking, languages, etc. based on their geographic location. So make sure you distribute your leads based on their location.
  • Experience: Experience is the key to success. A more successful and experienced sales rep can convert big positions while a new sales rep may fail to do so. It doesn’t mean you should not prioritize the newcomers, what all I meant was the experienced ones have the high priority to convert the leads into a customer.
  • Performance and availability: The individual performance and availability also matter because a truly brilliant sales rep irrespective of his/her experience can convert big positions. If you give enough care to the selection of your sales team and successfully develop a highly efficient sales team, then there is a high probability that your business will skyrocket.

Step 4: Use real-time notifications in your alert systems

We just saw how important it is to attend the leads within a few minutes before their interest cools off. So make sure your system has a real-time notification alert system so that you get to know about new leads within seconds and act appropriately.

Lead distribution can directly affect your business. Because the number of people that visits your website can be higher, but it won’t be of any use if they don’t buy your product. Always remember an inefficient large crowd is no good than a less crowd. So make sure, you focus on converting those people into a possible customer because that is what matters in business.

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