10 Tips And Tricks On How To Embrace And Care Your Curly Hair!

A beautiful curly hair is a pride and joy which can steal anyone’s heart at the very first look. That’s why many people invest in having curly hair. We have all seen that Taylor Swift, Shakira, Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, and Zendaya has grabbed every eye with their dazzling look every time on the red carpet, faulting their sexy curly hair. Having curly hair is a blessing. I have seen most of my friends battling before the mirror for hours, trying to curl their hair using curling iron inspired by these actresses and trying to recreate the same look. And this curl doesn’t stay more than 3 hours. We are extremely lucky to have naturally curly hair so it is as important to take care of it.

10 DIY Tips To Care Your Curly Hair!

“Do you curl it every day?”, “it’s cute!”, “Is this real?”……We come across questions like this every day and we have seen how people who get inspired by our curly hair. The versatility of curly hair can impress anyone and anywhere.

An effective hair care routines aren’t that complicated as it seems. There is no shame in taking care of our hair and figuring out what it needs. In fact, we just need a couple of minutes in a day to take care of our hair. But that is denied by us due to our everyday busy schedule from taking care of our beautifully blessed curly hair.

It is very important to keep the wave of our curly hair alive. It is very easy to keep the charm alive by following my hair hat tricks which I do every day. There are many small details that we neglect every time which keeps our beautiful fluffy hair alive and strong forever. I’m going to share some of my top hair hats to take care of our curly hair:

DIY Tips To Care Your Curly Hair

1. Have a perfect night routine

Cleanse your hair at least 3 hours before you go to bed. It is true that our hair is prone to get dried up and frizzling up. A good deep conditioner improves the health of our hair and protects our hair from getting dried and frizzling up.

Once you cleanse your hair, apply a deep conditioner. This will help your hair to stay moisturized. While you are about to sleep, your hair will be already dried so there is no need to worry about the pillow getting messed up. Once we wake up, make sure that we cleanse our hair again to remove the conditioner. Now you will start noticing that your hair is healthier and smooth.

2. Always wash with cold water

Make sure that you rinse your hair with cold water after washing away the conditioner. This will close the hair shaft and make your hair shinier. Basically, the last rinse should always be with the cold water and you will notice the difference. Our hair and skin have pores. It is very important that it should be closed as when pores are open, it can damage the cells due to the dirt present in the atmosphere. Make sure that you always wash your hair and skin with cold water to close the pores all the time.

3. A Hairdryer Can Damage Your Hair

Yes! It’s true that heat can damage your hair though we love to heat style our hair. This will reduce our hair strands by making it weaker. Ever noticed hair getting dried and frizzy after using a blow drier? No doubt, a hairdryer is a culprit for this.  The heat from the blow dryer can damage the skin and hair.

How to take care of curly hair


You can use this occasionally when in need but make sure that you do it in cold dry mode. Make sure you don’t use hairdryer often. Always prefer air dry. Cover your hair with a towel after a bath but make sure that you don’t rub it to remove the moisture. If your hair is very thick, buy a super-absorbent towel which will be more comfortable.

4. Use A Shirt As Your Hair Towel

Yes, you heard that right. Never use a cotton towel to dry your hair. This can remove all the moisture from your hair and makes it dry. A shirt is cheaper and much softer than any other clothes available.

5. Switch to a satin pillow cover

Sleeping on the right cot and pillow makes a huge difference to your skin and hair. Satin is the best material to sleep. It will protect your face from facial folds and keep your hair soft.

how to take care of curly hair naturally

As I said, a satin cloth is good for skin and hair. It keeps our skin healthy by allowing the pores to breathe at night. At night our skin replenishes its damage and remove the dead cell. A satin cloth can boost this process by allowing the pores to breathe.  Satin is very soft when compared to any other cloth. Since it is soft, it eliminated the friction between the hair and the cloth. This results in healthier hair as moisture in the hair doesn’t get wiped away.

6. It’s time to grab some new haircut.

If you think that your hair isn’t shaping up and it is weighing you down, let’s grab some new haircut. Cutting your curly hair and trying out some new hairstyle can give you an outstanding new look.

Finding your right hairstyle is key. Make sure you don’t cut our hair like the same way we cut a straight hair. Moreover, Make sure that your stylist knows how to cut curly hair or else your hair will end up looking like a poodle. This is a fact, curly hair is much shorter when it is wet. So when you stylish tries to cut your hair wet, get up and run out of the saloon to find a good stylist because that should the basic knowledge of an expert stylist who knows to cut curly hair.

7. Apply when your hair is wet, but not too wet.

Behind every hairstyle, there are good products which can be used to keep our hair healthy and in shape. But the way we apply the products on our hair matters the most. If we don’t do it correctly, that can turn to a disaster and ends up ruining your hair.

When the hair is wet, it can absorb more nutrients and nutrients. And a wet hair acts as a protecting layer from the hair products by diluting them when applied. This will protect your hair from getting damaged and your hair becomes more shinning.

8. Minimize brushing your hair frequently.

Yes, it’s true. Experts proved that this can damage your hair and scalp.  We brush our hair basically for two reasons. Either to detangle our hair or to shape the hair.

how to take care of natural curly black hair

When you brush your hair too much, it causes damage and breaks your hair due to the friction while we brush. Expert says that you should brush only twice in a day i.e. once in a day and at night.

Make sure that you don’t brush your hair when it is too wet. A wet hair will stretch 5 times than the normal length. When you try to brush your hair wet, this can stretch your hair and break it.  So it is good to brush your hair once your hair is dried and not more than twice a day.

9. Use protein to strengthen your strands.

Having a balanced diet can promote the growth and health of your hair. Most part of our hair is made up of protein. A protein deficiency can damage our hair. Make sure that you consume the needed amount of protein to have beautiful and healthier hair.

Investing in good quality hair products is always worth to take care of our beautiful hair.  If your hair tends to dry always, a styling spray is handy. This not only protects your hair from getting frizzled but also give hair a good amount of nutrients and gives a natural smell to our hair. Most importantly, SPF!! Yes, not only our skin needs an SPF but our hair too. Our hair mostly gets damaged from the sun, Make sure that have a good styling spray with SPF and a good dose of protein if you want a sexy wave.

10. Strengthen your scalp

If you have weak hair, then it’s time to take care of the scalp. Healthy hair means healthy scalp. If you have a dry and itchy scalp, make sure you massage your hair at least five minutes. This will bring back the nutrients.

If you have any reaction or irritation while using hair products, the best option would be using coconut oil. The coconut oil helps your hair from all damage and strength your scalp which results in healthy hair. Always make sure that you don’t apply anything to our scalp other than coconut oil. This will make the transition process safe and all-natural. If you find dandruff in your hair, make sure you get proper treatments or get rid of it by applying lemon for 30minutes just before the wash.

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