Secrets To Own A Clear, Healthy & Glowing Skin – 8 Tips To Follow!

There are no secrets to have clear healthy skin. There is no magic cream or pill to have clear skin overnight. To keep your skin clear and glowing, you need to take care of it. You need to have a good skincare routine. Most of them still don’t know what skincare routine is all about. If you smell good, people will come and talk to you. If you are well dressed, people will follow your style, if you have clear skin, it can’t abide by your charm and they will find you the best. Clear skin is all about being consistently following the skincare routine every day. That is the only secret for owning a clear healthy skin. Do you consider your skin to be radiant and clear? If you don’t want to consider. You will end up having wrinkled skin and you will look old as the hills.

Secrets Tips Most Actresses Follow To Own A Healthy Glowing Skin!

In order to have clear glowing skin, you need to have a consistent skincare routine from morning till you hit the bed by night. This can make a huge difference that you can’t even imagine. If you treat our skin with love and affection, it will give back it loves with the glowing and radiantly clear skin. These tips can be turned to your daily routines or habits to grab perfect skin. For a few people, it will show the results within a week but if you follow these routines, this can keep your skin.

Few Best Tips To Get A Glowing Skin!

These tips are very easy to follow and there is no effort to put in, just need to add a couple of skincare routines to your day to day life. Let’s see what you need to do to have perfect skin.

  • Stop Touching your Face

Stop Touching your Face

Seriously stop bothering your skin. There is no need to touch the skin all the time. Our hands are never clear. When we touch our face with dirty hands, this can cause pimples. All the dirt from your hands clog the pores and later it will turn out to be a zit. No one wants that to happen. So please make sure that you don’t touch your face with dirty hands. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch your face.

  • Drink More Water

drink more water

Yes, your skin is like a flower. If you don’t hydrate it properly, this can make your skin look old and ugly. You need to drink at least 10 glasses of water to have clear skin. Water takes away the toxins leaving a clear skin. Most of us forget to drink water while working especially if the room is air-conditioned. So please invest in a good bottle right away and carry it to the office every day. This makes sure that you drink enough water to keep your precious skin energetic.

  • Have a Clean Pillowcase

Have a Clean Pillowcase

Make sure you change your pillow cover twice in a week. “Seriously, I never changed my pillowcase for a month!!” this would be the worst things that you can do to have a pathetic skin. Imagine rubbing your face on the dirty pillow for 8 hours every day. You don’t need anything more than this to have a skin filled with zits. Please make sure that your change the pillow cover at least twice a week.

  • No bar Soap on the Face

bar soap on face

Never clean your face with bar soap. This has a completely adverse effect on the skin. This will make your skin dry and make your skin look old. Instead, use a mild face wash to wash off the dirt. Please stop using bar soap on the face to save your skin and makes sure that you use fingers to massage your face but not your palm.

  • Morning Skincare Routines

Morning Skincare Routine

Our morning decides how the day should be. Our mind is all fresh when we wake up. Make sure you drink 2 glasses of water once you get up from your bed. This will give you a kick-ass start to the day. Wash your face in warm water to open the skin pores. Use the face wash to remove the dirt. Make sure you always end your bath with cold water to close the skin pores for not letting in any dirt.

  • Night Routine

Night Routine

Our skin regenerates at night and dead cells are removed by itself. It is equally important how we prepare our skin before bedtime. Wash your face with mild face wash and apply mind moisturizer to keep the water level in the skin. They will boost the regeneration process. Always sleep facing your front side. This allows the skin to breathe. Make sure you drink enough water right before you hit the bed. In case you have makeup on your face, remove it with steam right before you prepare for bed.

  • Use Sunscreen


Our skin is very sensitive. Sun can damage our skin very badly. Always use SPF15 before stepping out of your room. This should be a habit. Even a little exposure to UV rays can irreversibly damage your skin cells. So please make sure that you have SPF 15 at home and use it while stepping out of your room. Wearing sunglasses can protect your under-eye area and keep it away from wrinkles.

  • No More Smoking

no more smoking

Smoking is the worst enemy for our skin. Not only damage our lips, but it can also make you look aged. It will pull the wrinkles out at a very early age. Hope you have noticed, chain smokers skin seems to be very old where non-smokers skin looks healthy. And please make sure you don’t drink to overboard. These can suck water from your skin making it dry.

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